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notes on dodgeball.com

Ya, so I found out from the same blog post as the rest of you. I would have thought that someone would have told me internally first, but I guess not. In fact, I was denying the whole thing at Lock's birthday party last night because it didn't make any sense. I guess I was wrong. It's been fun keeping the lights on these past couple years for you guys, and I'm disappointed that my corporate masters have decided it's no longer worth the bother. Oh well.

Anyways, I don't know yet what "We will communicate the exact time-frame shortly" means yet, but when we figure that out I'll put a note of some kind up on the dodgeball homepage. In addition, for those of you that care about this sort of thing, I'm going to do some work to make it easy to export your checkin history in a convenient format (above and beyond the iCal that is already available). If you have any particular formats you might want it in, feel free to leave a comment here and I'll see what I can do. Chances are it'll be a gdata feed of some kind.

Don't fret too much about not having a tool like this to use when dodgeball gets turned off. Like you, I'm pretty unimpressed with most of the other current offerings, but I know of a couple soon-to-be-released things in the works. Keep an eye out, and we'll all find a new home that suits our needs just fine.
Tags: dodgeball, google, shutdown, work
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