Nouriel Roubini 100% in equities

The most valuable 10 sentences you will read during the entire recession:
Again, this is not necessarily so. Just ask Nouriel Roubini of New York University, who has a reputation as the most pessimistic economist in academe. He deserves it. His most recent paper, published last week, is entitled: “Can the Fed and Policy Makers Avoid a Systemic Financial Meltdown? Most Likely Not.”

Nobody is more aware of the gravity of the financial situation, and nobody has done more to point out the risks of a systemic crisis.

So how are Roubini’s own funds invested? They are 100 per cent in equities. In the long run stocks do best and he is not yet close to retirement, so he keeps putting more money into index funds each month.

Fully aware of the gravity of the financial situation, he is also aware of the futility of trying to take action or to time the market. Those tempted to make the investing equivalent of a goalkeeper’s depairing dive should take note.
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Ya, so I found out from the same blog post as the rest of you. I would have thought that someone would have told me internally first, but I guess not. In fact, I was denying the whole thing at Lock's birthday party last night because it didn't make any sense. I guess I was wrong. It's been fun keeping the lights on these past couple years for you guys, and I'm disappointed that my corporate masters have decided it's no longer worth the bother. Oh well.

Anyways, I don't know yet what "We will communicate the exact time-frame shortly" means yet, but when we figure that out I'll put a note of some kind up on the dodgeball homepage. In addition, for those of you that care about this sort of thing, I'm going to do some work to make it easy to export your checkin history in a convenient format (above and beyond the iCal that is already available). If you have any particular formats you might want it in, feel free to leave a comment here and I'll see what I can do. Chances are it'll be a gdata feed of some kind.

Don't fret too much about not having a tool like this to use when dodgeball gets turned off. Like you, I'm pretty unimpressed with most of the other current offerings, but I know of a couple soon-to-be-released things in the works. Keep an eye out, and we'll all find a new home that suits our needs just fine.
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Rickey Henderson in HOF

Rickey Henderson was just elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame! He was my favorite player growing up, and somewhere in my parents house is a box with something like 250 different Rickey Henderson baseball cards as well as stacks and stacks of various memorabilia (Oakland Tribune from the day he broke the career stolen base record!). I'm not nearly the baseball fan I use to be, but this is still pretty exciting. The induction ceremony is July 26th this summer, and since I've never been to Cooperstown, I think I'll probably make the trip.

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I read Bringing Down The House this weekend. It was awful and full of lies. I'm not sure why I wasted my time. Probably because reading it required no brainpower. I'm also a hundred pages into 2666 which is a lot better, but requires more concentration. I wish I had an English Professor on call that I could get to explain certain things to me like, why does Bolaño occasionally have sentences go on for pages wandering from topic to topic without a period to be seen. Clearly this was a conscious choice, but I don't understand what point he's making.
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Bacon/Beer Tasting

Went to a Bacon & Beer tasting at Jimmy's No 43 last night with Dens, Heather D, and some of her friends. It was pretty awesome. We had six kinds of bacon starting with plain old Oscar Meyer (the control bacon) and working our way through salty, sweet, porky, and ended with a Berkshire Pork Bacon from R.U.B.. There were also six kinds of artisanal beers my favorite of which was a chestnut beer from Italy which is, according to the guy who picked out the beers, the most exciting beer country in the world these days. Who knew? Dens, helpfully, took a picture of the menu with some notes he took.

Afterwards, since we were all salted up, a couple of us walked over to Hearth for some dessert and a nice glass of port to finish the evening.

The next tasting @ Jimmy's is a pickle tasting in early December. Not as exciting as bacon, but possibly worth going to?